Why kite buggy 1000km in Brazil?

Good question! At first we simply wanted to do some travelling, but what began as a simple bit of backpacking has developed into a much more exciting challenge.

After getting August off work, Charlie and I began to look for interesting countries where windsurf conditions were good at this time of year. We found Jericoacoara on Boardseeker, and saw that wind sports specialist Oceansource organised trips there through Club Ventos. With 75% of days force 4 and above, it looked perfect for a windsurfing break in August.

After seeing that Jericoacoara was remote and could only be reached off road, and hearing that some travellers take jeeps all the way from Fortaleza along the coastline, I took a look at google earth. Seeing that most of the coastline from Natal to Jericoacoara consisted of wide beaches, with the occasional stretch of mangrove swamps and rivers, I began to think of interesting and unusual ways to get from Natal to Jeri, just for the fun of it.

I spoke to manufacturers of special mountain bikes with fat tyres, but thought this wasn’t quite interesting enough. Realising that the reason we both wanted to go to this area of Brazil was because of the wind, my next idea was to use a sand yacht. But it was Charlie who thought that a sand yacht would be too tame (?!) and suggested the idea of using kites and buggies. So if we have any problems I’ll be blaming him!

We realised that buggies with large tyres would be as manoeuvrable as a 4×4, and simpler than a mountain bike or sand yacht in construction which should mean less repairs. They’re faster too! So it seemed possible in theory, but the next step was to get some advice from experts in the sport.


7 thoughts on “Why kite buggy 1000km in Brazil?

    • Hi Jon
      Nice website! Yes sure add this adventure to it – do you need any other info and what does it involve? Drop me an email if necessary at hnthuillier (at) gmail dot com. Preparation is going well thanks – kites are en-route from Vietnam and buggies are en-route from New Zealand – so we better actually do it now! 🙂

    • Thanks Marcelo. Wow 164 km in a day. We are only aiming to do 40 in a day, although we’ll be carrying all our gear and have to cross the odd river! Argentina and Bolivia next then…

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