Mad Way South and other inspiring journeys

As well as conversations with the various characters who have given us their time, advice and support, there have been a few other adventures in recent years which have been a source of inspiration for us, making us realise that our idea is at least possible! Perhaps you’ll find them inspiring too…

Mad Way South

The result of one man waking up in the middle of the night and wondering whether anyone had ever kited the Sahara before. 9 months later and two teams of New Zealanders and Australians were racing to be the first to cross the earth’s most inhospitable desert by wind power alone. Check out this video…

Brazil 2000km

One man, one kite, and one kite board going up the coast of Brazil all the way from Salvador to Sao Luis. The longest journey ever travelled by a kite on water, and totally unsupported. A huge distance with minimal equipment that really inspired us that a trip such as this was possible. Here’s Louis Tapper’s blog >

Pittarak: Kiting the Gobi Desert

A similar adventure to ours, but across the Gobi desert. There have been a couple of kite buggy expeditions in this area of the world which are equally inspiring, because whilst the winds are good the terrain is particularly challenging. Here’s a link to their blog >

The next challenge

This isn’t one expedition so much as a whole string of amazing challenges that show you don’t have to go to the other side of the world to have an adventure. From swimming the Thames to running every London Underground Tube line, Tim is the living embodiment of existing outside the box and living life on your own terms.

Having said that, he’s also organised expeditions to all seven continents, made the first and first-British ascents of several mountains from Russia to Bolivia and travelled around the world using eighty methods of transport. So he knows a thing or two about more ‘conventional’ adventure too.

It was Tim who we can thank for helping us to realise that as long as we accounted for the main risks in an adventure, we could, and should, just jump in and go for it.

Although we haven’t ventured to use his expedition organising services as yet, Tim’s website,, is a continuing source of inspiration for us.


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