First kite buggy lesson – with one or two crashes!

Buggy lesson with SB kites in Poole

Buggy lesson with SB kites in Poole

I’m sitting typing this with two ripped holes in my shorts, a graze on my elbow, and a wide grin.

I’ve just had my first kite buggy lesson with SB Kites in Poole (Dorset, UK), and while I admit to crashing (or ‘having an out of buggy experience’) at least five times, my instructor did say I picked it up quite well. Or at least, he stopped shouting and running behind me as I careered towards the edge of the park and started to look more relaxed.

Kevin took me from flying fixed bridles (Ozone Flow), to depowers (Ozone Access XT and Frenzy) in a static position to get used to the kites and try to get used to not having to look at them the whole time.

It was then time to jump in a buggy. I started with the fixed bridles again and progressed to buggying with depowers. We’re using Access XT and Frenzy kites on our trip so it was nice to train with them.

Although the wind was very gusty – force 4 and offshore – the kites didn’t feel out of control. Except the odd occasion when I mis timed things and got to practice using the quick release to avoid being dragged down the field…

Completely intentional...

Completely intentional!

All in all today was a lot of fun, and I got around 6 hours of top quality tuition for only ¬£75. My brother Charlie will be heading down there in a couple of weeks once he’s finished at York to get up to speed too.

If you’re in the south of the UK and fancy a go at using a kite to propel you at silly speeds in a field, I’d definitely recommend you give Kevin a call.¬†Just remember to wear some old clothes…

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2 thoughts on “First kite buggy lesson – with one or two crashes!

    • Hi Alex, having just spoken to you via email now I know you meant ‘can’ rather than ‘can’t’! Thanks for your offer, I’ve checked out your site and it looks great, will definitely be in contact!

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