Getting Closer to the Target…

It’s the afternoon before we set off, and we’ve had some very good news! Firstly, Christchurch Harbour Hotel has generously decided to sponsor us on our journey. They have donated a large amount of money to Centrepoint to help us reach our target of £2000 for the charity.

Harry and I have both worked there during school and university holidays (Harry playing piano in the bar and me doing the cocktails!) and we appreciate them getting on board for this trip. Situated on the edge of the idyllic Christchurch Harbour in Dorset, England, the hotel is one of five in the Harbour Hotels chain. The others are in Salcombe, Sidmouth, St Ives, and another in Christchurch.

The view of Christchurch Harbour from the hotel

David Hurley, Founder of Anglia Computers has also generously donated, again bringing us significantly closer to our target – for which we’re very grateful! Anglia Computers is based in Cambridge, and implements and supports innovative IT solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Anglia Computers won the prestigious ‘Microsoft partner of the year’ award in 2010.

We’re still amazed at the generosity of so many people in donating their time, advice, equipment and funds for charity. Let’s hope this extends to the check in desk at Heathrow airport tomorrow so we don’t have to pay too much excess baggage charges!


2 thoughts on “Getting Closer to the Target…

  1. Well guy’s the first day will be over now and hope its been good and you are both well, and no OBE’s. happy birthday charlie. wish you all the best for the rest of the journey

    • Cheers kev. Amazing place, huge beaches and equally huge winds. Over 30 knots today. Took 4 hours to build buggies and sort gear and tides were only low in the morning so spent it talking to local kite surfers and getting tips on the coastline. Leaving natal 6.30am tomorrow!

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