One day to go…

“This is the stuff we are made of, this is what men do well, what we are equipped to do, what most men alive today never discover, this is what populated every corner of this planet, what began the civilisation that followed.” 

As we assembled everything to check the gear and then packed it down to make sure it fitted in the car before leaving for the airport tomorrow, it was an inspiration to receive an email from Craig Hansen containing the sentence above. Craig and Jenny at PLK buggies in New Zealand are basically the third and fourth members of our team and it was good to get a reminder of why we’re setting off on this crazy adventure in the first place.

Assembling the buggies and packing all the gear made us realise how much planning has gone into this, and how lucky we’ve been to get all the help we’ve had. Containing all our gear and perfectly fitted, the buggy bags look

awesome. Jon and Helen at have done a fantastic job, working late to finish our two wheel bags, one transit bag for the frames, and two buggy bags in time, and the material and stiching is top quality. They even took the trouble to embroider our logo on each one!

Bags made by Jon and Helen at
Bags made by Jon and Helen at

If you want to track our progress then like the facebook page here, and if you want to support the cause and donate to Centrepoint, a charity who help homeless young people, you can here:


Buggybags in the car on the way to the airport

Buggybags in the car on the way to the airport





7 thoughts on “One day to go…

  1. Wishing you every success in your efforts. An amazing idea – wish I was going with you!!!

    Hope the winds favour you.

    I’ll put a link to this site on my site…

    • Thanks Rich. If you can book a flight and get to heathrow for 8am tomorrow morning you’re welcome to come 🙂
      Cheers for putting the link on your site

  2. Spend time looking around you and appreciate that many moments of this adventure will stay with you forever, but most of all, make sure you enjoy it!
    The best of luck, we will be following your progress!!
    Jools and Jade

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