Huge winds at the start line

They say half the challenge in an adventure like this is just getting to the start line. But whilst things have been hectic and a but nerve wracking at times, everything is going to plan so far, fingers crossed.

The first challenge after getting 150 kg of buggy equipment and kites in the car and then into Terminal 1 Heathrow was to blag our way through the excess baggage rules at TAP airlines. Wearing our centrepoint charity tshirts and cheesy smiles we managed to skirt the £300 usual fee and pay just £66, which was brilliant as every single buggy bag was oversized and there were too many of them!

After a stop in Lisbon we landed in Natal, squashed the gear into a fiat doblo taxi with the bemused driver onlooking, and headed to our start point in Natal – Villa del Sol Pousada. The buggies took four hours to build (some bolts were being deliberately awkward) and set up with Video VBOX systems and expedition racks (video coming soon) which meant we missed low tide. I was secretly glad about this as the wind was nearing 40mph and I didnt fancy that on our first day!

Buggybags now loaded on the racks and we’re officially embarking on our journey at 6.30 am tomorrow. We’ll update you when we next get internet!

In the meantime time check our location On our facebook page and drop a note in the comments if you fancy offering us a bed between natal and fortaleza!


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