Onboard footage from the kite buggy adventure

This video shows several clips from the Video VBOX mounted on Harry’s buggy, showing our accident with a power line at the end of the video…

The gauge you can see on the video is a graphic overlay, which takes GPS data to show accurate speed. Its embedded on the footage at the same time as the video is recorded. The map and g force (and any other gps info you like) work the same way. You set up a ‘scene’ in the Video VBOX software with the graphics where you want them, place the gps antenna and cameras on the car (or kite buggy in this case) and off you go!


4 thoughts on “Onboard footage from the kite buggy adventure

  1. Get video! You two were having just to much fun. I loved the footage showing you jumping along the sand dune road. Also nice plug for your sponsors.

    • Thanks Richard. On the sand dune road we both actually had someone on the back of each buggy, hanging on for dear life but enjoying it immensely. We travelled for 50k that day along similar thick sand tracks, very fun but lots of concentration required and a few near misses!

  2. Que buen equipo de filmacion llevaron,,y este video tiene todos los datos de la corrida por la playa ,,,buenisimo,,,
    What a great crew away, and this video has all the data of the run along the beach, very good video,,,

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