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1000km across Brazil (Two Magazine Features)

Two boys decided to be the first to travel 1000km of Brazil by kite buggy. They were just missing the ability to buggy, fly kites or speak the language.

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“Discourse – From the End of the Line”, the magazine produced by the Drachen foundation, also published our article in their latest issue. Read it here…

Discourse - Kite Buggy Adventure Feature

Radio Interview: Was this expedition for charity, or was it for us?

We answered this question in an interview on BBC Radio York with Jonathon Cowap this morning. Click this link and go to 9 minutes 20 seconds:

BBC Radio York Kite Buggy Adventure Interview

If you can’t access iplayer here’s the recording:

We’re also working hard (or to be more accurate, the generous Naomi Garrett at SeeingThroughFilm is) on a video showing video diaries and onboard footage from the adventure. We’ll stick it up on YouTube as soon as it’s done and embed it here…

Three things you need to succeed in an adventure

Second mangrove swamp of the day!

We were trudging through the second mangrove swamp of the day. The mud was sucking at our shoes and layering up on the tyres of each buggy, making them look like flinstones cartoon wheels. Crabs with single giant claws scuttled away from our tramping feet and the midday equatorial sun reflected off the murky swamp waters.

As we tried to work out a route to take along the coast and onto beaches where we could continue to kite, I realised that for an adventure to succeed there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

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Onboard footage from the kite buggy adventure

This video shows several clips from the Video VBOX mounted on Harry’s buggy, showing our accident with a power line at the end of the video…

The gauge you can see on the video is a graphic overlay, which takes GPS data to show accurate speed. Its embedded on the footage at the same time as the video is recorded. The map and g force (and any other gps info you like) work the same way. You set up a ‘scene’ in the Video VBOX software with the graphics where you want them, place the gps antenna and cameras on the car (or kite buggy in this case) and off you go!

Why pick Jericoacoara as the destination?

Finding out about Jericoacoara was the spark that made us decide to do an adventure in Brazil.

Sunset dune at Jericoacoara

Sunset dune at Jericoacoara

Fantastic wind, good waves and a chilled atmosphere are the hallmarks of Jericoacoara. It´s in a national park, and buildings have to be low rise. Jeri is surrounded by a string of huge dunes, one of the largest of which people walk up each night to watch the sunset and see locals practicing Capoeira, the Brazillian dance / martial art.

But it´s the ideal water conditions that inspired Fabio Nobre to found Club Ventos here in the first place. It´s paradise for anyone into wind / water sports, and Club Ventos has racks and racks of the latest gear, helpful staff, good food and nice atmosphere.

Charlie taking some of Club Ventos´ windsurfing gear out for a spin

Charlie taking some of Club Ventos´ windsurfing gear out for a ride

Chop hop in the surf outside Club Ventos

Cheeky Chop hop in the surf outside Club Ventos

We were lucky enough to be staying in Serrote Breezes, which is a set of eight apartments in lush fruit gardens with swimming pool, rooftop terrace, and hammocks on each balcony, which we appreciated after our journey!

Our balcony in Serrote Breezes Apartments

Our balcony in Serrote Breezes Apartments, complete with kite buggies!

After three weeks of eating from roadside stalls and pousadas it was great to be able to buy and cook our own food in our apartment in Serrote Breezes, and we have been living off Açai smoothies, fruit and fresh fish for our whole time in Jericoacoara!

The open plan kitchen in Serrote Breezes

Whizzing up some Açai in the open plan kitchen in Serrote Breezes

Sunset over Serrote Breezes with a great view to the dunes beyond Jericoacoara

Sunset over Serrote Breezes with the view to the dunes beyond Jericoacoara