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Radio Interview: Was this expedition for charity, or was it for us?

We answered this question in an interview on BBC Radio York with Jonathon Cowap this morning. Click this link and go to 9 minutes 20 seconds:

BBC Radio York Kite Buggy Adventure Interview

If you can’t access iplayer here’s the recording:

We’re also working hard (or to be more accurate, the generous Naomi Garrett at SeeingThroughFilm is) on a video showing video diaries and onboard footage from the adventure. We’ll stick it up on YouTube as soon as it’s done and embed it here…

Butt naked buggying in Brazil

Charlie the naked buggier

Charlie the naked buggier

Travelling along in a kite buggy wearing nothing but a kite harness is an odd sensation. The breeze is very refreshing but this is counteracted by the fear of what might happen if you were to have an accident at such a speed!

Naked buggying

Before this adventure Charlie and I had promised friends over a few drinks that during the course of our journey we would kite buggy naked – in the name of charity of course. So we found ourselves stripping down just north of Aranau, and kiting along wearing nothing…

Thanks again for all those who have donated to Centrepoint, a UK charity who house and support homeless young people – if you haven´t it´s easy to do so here:

Leapfrogging the width of a beach – how hard can it be?

Well if the sea is at low tide and you haven’t done a leap frog since you were seven, harder than you’d expect!

When we were in Baleia we remembered we’d accepted a challenge to leap frog the width of a beach in return for a donation to Centrepoint.  So down to the beach we went with cameras in hand. One or two sweaty, sandy minutes later and we had successfully made it to the water’s edge – much to the amusement and bemusement of the locals.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to Centrepoint (and Kevin who gave us this challenge!)  – you can still donate here >



Getting Closer to the Target…

It’s the afternoon before we set off, and we’ve had some very good news! Firstly, Christchurch Harbour Hotel has generously decided to sponsor us on our journey. They have donated a large amount of money to Centrepoint to help us reach our target of £2000 for the charity.

Harry and I have both worked there during school and university holidays (Harry playing piano in the bar and me doing the cocktails!) and we appreciate them getting on board for this trip. Situated on the edge of the idyllic Christchurch Harbour in Dorset, England, the hotel is one of five in the Harbour Hotels chain. The others are in Salcombe, Sidmouth, St Ives, and another in Christchurch.

The view of Christchurch Harbour from the hotel

David Hurley, Founder of Anglia Computers has also generously donated, again bringing us significantly closer to our target – for which we’re very grateful! Anglia Computers is based in Cambridge, and implements and supports innovative IT solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Anglia Computers won the prestigious ‘Microsoft partner of the year’ award in 2010.

We’re still amazed at the generosity of so many people in donating their time, advice, equipment and funds for charity. Let’s hope this extends to the check in desk at Heathrow airport tomorrow so we don’t have to pay too much excess baggage charges!

One day to go…

“This is the stuff we are made of, this is what men do well, what we are equipped to do, what most men alive today never discover, this is what populated every corner of this planet, what began the civilisation that followed.” 

As we assembled everything to check the gear and then packed it down to make sure it fitted in the car before leaving for the airport tomorrow, it was an inspiration to receive an email from Craig Hansen containing the sentence above. Craig and Jenny at PLK buggies in New Zealand are basically the third and fourth members of our team and it was good to get a reminder of why we’re setting off on this crazy adventure in the first place.

Assembling the buggies and packing all the gear made us realise how much planning has gone into this, and how lucky we’ve been to get all the help we’ve had. Containing all our gear and perfectly fitted, the buggy bags look

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Heading off in under three weeks

Both our wallets are now a lot lighter, having now booked the flights from London to Natal complete with excess baggage (thanks to Sophie at STA Travel!). We’re heading out on 25th July.

Insurance is booked, arms are feeling numb from training (and vaccinations!), and a lot of very generous people have already donated to Centrepoint, a charity for homeless young people, on our just giving page here.

Buggies are on their way from New Zealand (thanks to Craig Hansen and Computer Solutions!), kites are en route from Vietnam (thanks Ozone!), buggy bags are currently being stitched in Wales (thanks BuggyBags!), the best tyre sealant available is already here (thanks Ultraseal!), and we are the proud owners of four very fashionable caps to keep the sun off in the day and light our way at night from 2C, makers of the Solar Light Cap.

I guess that all means we better go for it now…

We’re planning the whole route on google earth and we really appreciate all the advice and offers for support we have had so far, without which this trip would be even more of a challenge than it already is.

If you know the area between Natal and Jericoacoara, we’d love to hear any local knowledge you have. Post your email in the comments below!