Five reasons why we’re doing this trip

1. There are few things that are really worth doing that don’t have some element of uncertainty. Speak to anyone that has success in any area whether there was any risk in what they did, and they’ll usually say yes. This trip won’t be easy, but that’s part of the reason we think it’s worth doing. Stepping outside the comfort zone, challenging each other and ourselves and inspiring other people to think outside the box and go for something different are big motivations.

2. Travelling 1000k by kite buggy  is rare, and we want to use it as inspiration for people of the power of the wind.

3. We’ve got a home and family and the means to take a month off. But of course there are other people are age who don’t have this. So we decided to use the publicity from the trip to raise funds for CentrePoint, a homeless charity who house and support homeless young people. If you donate, you might get a free power kite lesson or even see us buggy in speedos….

4. Because travelling along at 70kph a few inches above the ground carrying a month’s worth of possessions and simply using the power of a kite is pretty good fun! Although kite buggies in various forms have been around since the 13th century, it’s still relatively unknown as a sport and method of adventure travel. Expeditions like this will help bring more people to the fun of traction kiting.

5. Why not?!


Why kite buggy 1000km in Brazil?

Good question! At first we simply wanted to do some travelling, but what began as a simple bit of backpacking has developed into a much more exciting challenge.

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