Kite Buggy Adventure

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Kite Buggy Adventure in The Corinthian

Kite Buggy Adventure in The Corinthian

Kite Buggy Adventure in the Corinthian


Three things you need to succeed in an adventure

Second mangrove swamp of the day!

We were trudging through the second mangrove swamp of the day. The mud was sucking at our shoes and layering up on the tyres of each buggy, making them look like flinstones cartoon wheels. Crabs with single giant claws scuttled away from our tramping feet and the midday equatorial sun reflected off the murky swamp waters.

As we tried to work out a route to take along the coast and onto beaches where we could continue to kite, I realised that for an adventure to succeed there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

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Butt naked buggying in Brazil

Charlie the naked buggier

Charlie the naked buggier

Travelling along in a kite buggy wearing nothing but a kite harness is an odd sensation. The breeze is very refreshing but this is counteracted by the fear of what might happen if you were to have an accident at such a speed!

Naked buggying

Before this adventure Charlie and I had promised friends over a few drinks that during the course of our journey we would kite buggy naked – in the name of charity of course. So we found ourselves stripping down just north of Aranau, and kiting along wearing nothing…

Thanks again for all those who have donated to Centrepoint, a UK charity who house and support homeless young people – if you haven´t it´s easy to do so here:

Calamity in the last kilometre

For Charlie, it seemed to come out of nowhere. A bright white flash, a tearing crack, and metal whipping past, inches from his face. But riding several metres behind him and wondering whether this could actually be hapenning, I saw it all.

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Dodging wind farms and annoying kids…we´re trying to get to Preã!

Kiting through mangroves can be difficult. Walking through mangroves is definitely harder. When the mud reached knee high, we decided to head inland to the roads. For this stage of the coastline there were no sandy beaches – instead mud, mangroves, and rivers. Continue reading

Kite buggy taxi?!

Harry and his passenger preparing for departure...

Harry and his passenger preparing for departure...

As we prepared to depart from Baleia, aiming for the fishing village of Icaraizinho 40km away, our host Andreas suggested we take two of his Brazilian friends along for the ride.

Neither of us thought it was that safe. Charlie was very reluctant to take a passenger, citing various reasons including the fact that the terrain was reportedly tricky on the route, that he didn’t want his collection of after sun and moisturisers being squashed by someone sitting on his buggy bag, that we had no extra helmets, and that if he was going to take anyone on the back, it should be his girlfriend.

With these objections duly dismissed by Andreas we found ourselves with a Brazilian lady each sat on the back of our buggies – shrieking in our ears as we crashed through small streams and hurtled up and down dunes. With the strong wind we soon left the kitesurfers and VW dune buggy that had joined us for the downwinder far behind!

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Leapfrogging the width of a beach – how hard can it be?

Well if the sea is at low tide and you haven’t done a leap frog since you were seven, harder than you’d expect!

When we were in Baleia we remembered we’d accepted a challenge to leap frog the width of a beach in return for a donation to Centrepoint.  So down to the beach we went with cameras in hand. One or two sweaty, sandy minutes later and we had successfully made it to the water’s edge – much to the amusement and bemusement of the locals.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to Centrepoint (and Kevin who gave us this challenge!)  – you can still donate here >