Our Charity

We’ve got a home and family to support us and the means to take a month off. But of course there are other people our age who don’t have this. So we decided to use the publicity from this trip to raise funds for CentrePoint, a charity who house and support homeless young people.

If you donate, you’ll get something in return.

We all get loads of requests for charity donations from people doing challenges, and we didn’t want to join the long line of requests for your hard earned cash without giving anything in return. So we thought we’d do things a little differently.

Give over £80 and we’ll kite buggy naked. There will be photo / video evidence (don’t worry, we’ll fuzz out the relevant bits).

Give over £50 and you can ask us to buggy for a whole day wearing just speedos, sleep rough, or leap frog the whole width of a beach at low tide. Any other requests, put them with your donation in the comments, or in the comments below this article!

Give over £25 and we’ll send you a postcard from Brazil – thongs optional!

Give over £8 and we’ll tag you in our facebook video about the adventure, making you look both generous and exceedingly cool.

For every £100 we’ll also do an extra blog post or video blog. The link below takes you to our just giving page, which we’e chosen because it’s simple, fast, and easy to donate, and your money goes to Centrepoint immediately.

Donate here >

Why Centrepoint?

Whether damaged by neglect, escaping abuse, or avoiding gang culture, there are currently 50,000 young homeless people in the UK every year – that’s about the total number of 15 – 19 year olds living in Manchester. People who don’t have a permanent address can’t claim benefits or housing support, so CentrePoint gets them back into accommodation and back on track with their lives. Even £10 will provide one night’s secure accommodation for a homeless young person, so your money will have a direct impact.

Here’s our justgiving page – it’s quick and easy to make a donation for any amount, and after all, who doesn’t want to see us kite buggy in speedos?


To give you an idea of the kind of people CentrePoint has helped, Charlie recently found out about Sophie. The youngest of three, she had a traumatic childhood. Her Mum had mental health issues and her Dad was an alchoholic – when Sophie was just three years old he beat her up. Once in foster care Sophie began to put her past behind her, but tragically her foster mother died and Sophie found herself on the streets. Homeless for the next three years, one of her friends overdosed and another was raped and murdered.

Thankfully Sophie found Centrepoint and has been living in one of their services in south London, taking adult literacy and numeracy classes and gradually getting her life back on track.

If you can, we’d appreciate a small donation on our just giving page – it only takes a minute. Even if you don’t usually give to charity, surely you wouldn’t pass up a postcard from Brazil or the opportunity to see us looking like fools leap frogging down a beach?



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