Talking to various characters at the Wallop kite festival, we soon realised that everyone had a different idea on what the best sort of kites were to use. However, having looked at the gear used in other kite expeditions and thought about our particular requirements, we knew one Ozone Access XT and two Ozone Frenzy depower foils each would be perfect for the job.

Ozone Access XT

The conditions along the North East coast of Brazil are famously windy, with 65% of days in August at Force Four (12knots) or above. For those days where it really blows, we knew we’d need a small and stable kite we can rely on, so we decided on a 4m Access XT each.

The Access XT has been designed to be stable for freeriding and expeditions where you need to concentrate on the terrain, and it’s constructed from top quality materials with blow out valves, to allow internal air to be released when the kite is crashed to avoid damage. More info on the Ozone Access XT >

Ozone Frenzy

The Frenzy is the next kite in Ozone’s depower line up. Between us we’ll be using the whole range – a 7m, 9m, 11m and 13m. We hope to be using the 7m/9ms most of the time, but if the wind drops then we’ve got the larger sizes to keep us both rolling. (Harry – “Shotgun the 13m!”)

Featuring technologies borrowed from Ozone’s paraglider designs, the Frenzy has a partially closed leading edge with mesh openings. This gives it performance, clean air intake and extra strength. A diagonal rib configuration makes the bridle line layout more efficient, reducing drag and increasing speed.

Frenzys have got quick and direct handling and the flexibility to deal with wide wind ranges, meaning that we won’t have to keep landing to change kites when the wind changes slightly. More info on the Ozone Frenzy >


For the most flexible kite control, we’re using an Ozone Contact Snow Control Bar each plus one spare, and four sets of 25m lines.


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